Boat Detailing and Cleaning Services Edmonton

Boat Detailing and Cleaning Services Edmonton

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Providing friendly expert Detailing, Cleaning, and Ceramic Coating to Boat and Marine.

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Boat Ceramic Coating- Ceramic Pro Marine

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Boat Detailing Edmonton
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Boat Detailing is a deep and thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of your vessel to maintain its value and appearance.

A boat is generally one of your most expensive investments that require professional care to keep them maintained, clean, and protected from ongoing wear and tear.

When dirt, oils, and oxidation are left unattended year to year, unnecessary wear, damage, and breakdown ultimately result.

Regular detailing maintenance not only keeps your boat looking clean and sharp, but it also increases the value and life of the craft.

Your boat, yacht, or watercraft are constantly being bombarded by the elements. Sand, Salt, UV, water debris, and various other environmental elements all take a toll on both the interior and exterior. There are many different materials on boats and yachts that require cleaning and specialized protection including paint, metals, plastics, wood, vinyl, leather, and more. 

Champs Boat Detailing Edmonton provides boat cleaning services that takes care of all the components that make up your boat - so that you can simply get out and enjoy the water. Your trusted Boat Detailing near me Edmonton Detailing Center.

The investment you have in your boat, yacht, or watercraft is significant and worthy of professional and maintenance and service. Champs Boat Detailing Edmonton Centre maintains the highest standards of service and commitment to our customers. 

Champs Boat Detailing Edmonton uses state of the art detailing equipment and products combined with expertise and care for your boat, yacht, or watercraft. We also utilize progressive cleaning and disinfection practices with our boat cleaning services that leaves your watercraft free of dirt, dust, pathogens, mold, and mildew. We take the upmost level of precision and care to ensure your satisfaction.

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Champs Detailing boat cleaning services will provide professional boat cleaning and detailing for all marine watercraft either in our shop or Mobile to your location with the ultimate boat detailing near me service.

We use professional grade products and skill to provide you with fantastic showroom quality results. We can also restore the exterior and protect it with Caramic Pro Marine nanoceramic coating technology.

We also utilize progressive cleaning and disinfection practices with our boat cleaning services that leaves your watercraft free of dirt, dust, pathogens, mold, and mildew.

We take great pride in our work to assure your satisfaction. Come to the #1 boat detailing near me auto spa – Champs Detailing.


Boat Detailing Edmonton

* Complete Interior Boat Cleaning Services and Detailing of all Surfaces using top of the line Dupray Super Innox Steamer Extractor
* Deep Vacuuming Throughout
* Full Carpet and Upholstery and Seats Shampoo
* Deep Vinyl and Leather Steam Cleaning and Conditioning
* Window and Glass Cleaning
* All Mirrors Shined
* Floor mats and salt stains thoroughly cleaned
* Deep Steam Cleaning and Sanitization throughout cabin
* Consoles, cup holders, compartments thoroughly cleaned
* All appliances and utilities cleaned
* Full Interior and Compartment Cleaning
* Elimination of bacteria, dirt, pathogens, mold, and mildew

* Exterior wash and hand dry

Optional add-ons
* Exterior Wax Protectant
* Exterior Polishing
* Chrome Polishing
* Ceramic Coating – For the Ultimate High Gloss and Long Term Protection

Detailing on all Boats and Watercraft

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Boat Ceramic Pro Marine Coating and Gel Coat Polishing


Ceramic Pro Marine


Ceramic Pro Marine is the quintessential Boat Ceramic Coating System that protects all surfaces of your boat and cuts maintenance times in half. This Ceramic boat coating provides unparalleled protection against corrosion and fouling of the hull caused by the accumulation of algae, shells, debris, and salt water. 

And this results in less time spent on cleaning and maintenance, and more time spent living the life. The Ceramic Pro Marine product line offers protection on both the underwater and above water components of any boat or yacht.

Your vessel will have the ultimate shine with this extremely hard and durable barrier that protects against the destructive elements of the marine environment. Ceramic Pro Marine is the industry leading coating protection system that is backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.


Get the perfect Ceramic Pro Marine Package for your Boat or Watercraft 

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Your trusted Boat Detailing near me Edmonton Detailing Center 

Boat Ceramic Coating Marine Makes Fishing Easier

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