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2-Step Gelcoat Restoration Polish +
Interior Detailing Renewal Package

For a limited time and based on available spots until the end of May, we are offering a special 15% discount on this package combo of our 2-Step Gelcoat Restoration Polish and Interior Detailing Renewal.



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2-Step Boat Gelcoat Restoration Polish Package

The 2 Step Polishing is meant for boats with light to heavy oxidation, fading, and swirling. In this package, we transform any condition of boat into a brand new condition with a with a vibrant shine and brilliant show room reflection.

We Guarantee 95% Oxidation Removal and include the restoration of the entire boat exterior including the hull (bottom float area).

$60 per foot

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Interior Boat Detailing Renewal Package

The interior boat detailing package is a complete interior deep steam clean sanitization that includes all interior surfaces to condition, clean and protect. The interior detailing packages is offered for all boats, fishing boats, pontoon boats, and yacht boats.

$30 per foot

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Ceramic Pro Marine Packages

Ceramic Pro Marine

Ceramic Pro Marine is the quintessential Boat Ceramic Coating System that protects all surfaces of your boat and cuts maintenance times in half. This Ceramic boat coating provides unparalleled protection against corrosion and fouling of the hull caused by the accumulation of algae, shells, debris, and salt water.

And this results in less time spent on cleaning and maintenance, and more time spent living the life. The Ceramic Pro Marine product line offers protection on both the underwater and above water components of any boat or yacht.

Your vessel will have the ultimate shine with this extremely hard and durable barrier that protects against the destructive elements of the marine environment. Ceramic Pro Marine is the industry leading coating protection system that is backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.


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Boat Ceramic Coating by Ceramic Pro Marine and Champs Detailing

Boat Ceramic Coating Marine Makes Fishing Easier

Boat Detailing and Cleaning Services Edmonton

We are your Premium Boat Detailing Edmonton Studio.
Providing friendly expert Detailing, Cleaning, Paint Protection Film, and Ceramic Coating for Boats and Marine.

#1 in Satisfaction for all your Boat Detailing near me Edmonton Services.

Boat Detailing and Cleaning Services Edmonton

We are your Premium Boat Detailing Edmonton Studio.
Providing friendly expert Detailing, Cleaning, Gelcoat Polish Restoration, Paint Protection Film, and Ceramic Coating for Boats and Marine.

#1 in Satisfaction for all your Boat Detailing near me Edmonton Services.

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What is Boat Detailing? A Comprehensive Guide to Interior, Exterior, and Restoration


Boat detailing is a comprehensive process that involves cleaning, restoring, and protecting a boat's interior and exterior surfaces to maintain its appearance, performance, and longevity. This process is essential for any boat owner who wants to keep their vessel in top condition, whether it's a small fishing boat, a luxury yacht, or a high-performance speedboat. In this article, we'll explore the various aspects of boat detailing, including interior detailing, exterior wash and wax, gelcoat restoration and polishing, and the use of ceramic coatings for protection. We'll also discuss the importance of regular maintenance and the benefits of professional detailing services.

Interior Detailing: Cleaning and Protecting the Cabin

The interior of a boat is just as important as the exterior when it comes to detailing. A clean and well-maintained cabin not only looks good but also provides a comfortable and enjoyable space for passengers and crew. Interior detailing typically involves the following steps:

1. Deep cleaning: This includes vacuuming and shampooing carpets, upholstery, and other soft surfaces to remove dirt, grime, and stains.
2. Hard surface cleaning: This involves using specialized cleaners to clean and protect all hard surfaces, such as wood, fiberglass, and plastic.
3. Odor control: This may involve using products specifically designed to eliminate unpleasant odors from the cabin.
4. Glass and mirror cleaning: To keep windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces clean and streak-free.
5. Electronics cleaning: To ensure that all electronics, such as navigation equipment and entertainment systems, are clean and functioning properly.

Exterior Wash and Wax: Enhancing the Boat's Appearance

The exterior of a boat is constantly exposed to the elements, including sun, salt, and other environmental factors that can cause damage and deterioration over time. Regular washing and waxing are essential for maintaining the appearance and protecting the boat's surfaces. Here's what you need to know about exterior boat detailing:

1. Washing: A thorough wash with a marine-safe soap and a soft brush or sponge is essential for removing dirt, grime, and salt deposits from the hull, deck, and other exterior surfaces.
2. Waxing: Applying a high-quality marine wax helps to protect the boat's gelcoat or paint from UV rays, salt, and other environmental factors. It also enhances the boat's appearance by providing a deep, rich shine.
3. Protecting the gelcoat: The gelcoat is the outermost layer of a boat's hull, and it's important to protect it from oxidation and other forms of damage. Regular waxing and the use of protective coatings can help to maintain the gelcoat's integrity and appearance.

Gelcoat Restoration and Polishing: Bringing Back the Shine

Over time, a boat's gelcoat can become dull, oxidized, and scratched due to exposure to the elements and regular use. Gelcoat restoration and polishing can help to bring back the shine and restore the boat's original appearance. Here's what you need to know about this process:

1. Oxidation removal: A mild abrasive compound can be used to remove oxidation and restore the gelcoat's color and luster.
2. Scratch removal: Deeper scratches may require wet sanding with progressively finer grits of sandpaper to remove the damage and smooth the surface.
3. Polishing: A high-quality marine polish can be applied to the gelcoat to bring back the shine and provide a protective barrier against further damage.
4. Protecting the gelcoat: After restoration and polishing, it's important to apply a protective coating, such as a marine wax or a ceramic coating, to maintain the gelcoat's appearance and protect it from future damage.

Ceramic Coating: The Ultimate Protection for Boats

Ceramic coatings are a relatively new technology that provides superior protection and durability for a boat's surfaces. These coatings create a strong, durable bond with the boat's gelcoat or paint, providing a long-lasting barrier against environmental factors, such as UV rays, salt, and water spots. Here's what you need to know about ceramic coatings for boats:

1. Application: Ceramic coatings must be applied by a professional, as the process requires careful preparation of the boat's surfaces and precise application of the coating.
2. Durability: Ceramic coatings can last for several years, providing long-lasting protection for a boat's surfaces.
3. Easy maintenance: Boats with ceramic coatings are much easier to clean and maintain, as dirt and grime are less likely to adhere to the coated surfaces.
4. Protection: Ceramic coatings provide superior protection against oxidation, staining, and other forms of damage, helping to maintain the boat's appearance and performance.

Regular Maintenance: The Key to a Beautiful Boat

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping a boat in top condition, and it's important to follow a consistent schedule of cleaning, waxing, and other detailing tasks. This not only helps to maintain the boat's appearance but also extends the life of the boat's surfaces and protects the boat from damage. Some tips for regular maintenance include:

1. Wash the boat regularly: This helps to remove dirt, grime, and salt deposits that can cause damage over time.
2. Wax the boat at least twice a year: This provides a protective barrier against environmental factors and helps to maintain the boat's appearance.
3. Inspect the boat's surfaces regularly: Look for signs of damage, such as oxidation, scratches, and stains, and address these issues promptly to prevent further deterioration.
4. Use a protective coating: Whether you opt for a traditional marine wax or a more advanced ceramic coating, applying a protective barrier to the boat's surfaces is essential for maintaining its appearance and performance.

Regular detailing maintenance not only keeps your boat looking clean and sharp, but it also increases the value and life of the craft.

Your boat, yacht, or watercraft are constantly being bombarded by the elements. Sand, Salt, UV, water debris, and various other environmental elements all take a toll on both the interior and exterior. There are many different materials on boats and yachts that require cleaning and specialized protection including paint, metals, plastics, wood, vinyl, leather, and more. 

Benefits of Professional Detailing Services

While many boat owners choose to perform basic maintenance tasks themselves, there are several benefits to using professional detailing services:

1. Expertise: Professional detailers have the knowledge and experience to properly clean, restore, and protect a boat's surfaces, ensuring optimal results.
2. Access to advanced technology: Professional detailers have access to specialized tools and products that may not be available to the average boat owner, allowing them to achieve superior results.
3. Time savings: Detailing a boat can be a time-consuming process, and using professional services can save time and effort for the boat owner.
4. Extended life of the boat: Regular professional detailing can help to extend the life of a boat's surfaces and protect the boat from damage, ultimately saving the boat owner money in the long run.


Boat detailing is an essential process for maintaining a boat's appearance, performance, and longevity. By following a regular schedule of cleaning, waxing, and other maintenance tasks, boat owners can ensure that their vessels look great and perform well for years to come. Whether you choose to perform these tasks yourself or use professional detailing services, investing in proper boat care is an investment in the enjoyment and value of your boat.

Champs Boat Detailing Edmonton provides boat cleaning services that takes care of all the components that make up your boat - so that you can simply get out and enjoy the water. Your Trusted Boat Detailing near me Edmonton Detailing Center.

The investment you have in your boat, yacht, or watercraft is significant and worthy of professional and maintenance and service. Champs Boat Detailing Edmonton Centre maintains the highest standards of service and commitment to our customers. 

Champs Boat Detailing Edmonton uses state of the art detailing equipment and products combined with expertise and care for your boat, yacht, or watercraft. We also utilize progressive cleaning and disinfection practices with our boat cleaning services that leaves your watercraft free of dirt, dust, pathogens, mold, and mildew. We take the upmost level of precision and care to ensure your satisfaction.

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