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Champs Detailing takes pride in providing the most professional and thorough auto detailing package in Edmonton!

At Champs Detailing, we redefine the standard for car detailing with our unparalleled commitment to excellence. Our expert team, cutting-edge techniques, and personalized service guarantee an unmatched level of care, making us the clear choice for those who demand nothing but the best for their vehicles.


Car Detailing Packages

Auto Detailing – INTERIOR

Car Interior Cleaning


Please note that extra charges may apply for an excessively dirty vehicle with deep stains or ingrained pet hair.

Interior Car Cleaning

Interior Auto DetailingPrice
Sedan or 2 Row SUV$249
Truck or 3 Row SUV$299

Introducing our latest automotive indulgence: the “Black Friday Detailing Spectacular.”

This extraordinary offering is meticulously designed to pamper your vehicle from every angle as we usher in the autumn and winter months.


Our “Black Friday Detailing Spectacular” is a comprehensive detailing special that leaves no stone unturned.

Your vehicle will experience:

  • Deep Interior Rejuvenation with Professional-Grade Protectant
  • Engine Bay Degrease and Polish Revival
  • Exterior Full Body Clay Bar Paint Decontamination
  • Polished on Ceramic Sealant Premium Winter Paint Protection 
  • Ceramic Pro Windshield Extreme Protection and Visibility


Vehicle exteriors take a major beating over the winter months in our city of Edmonton. We've put together the perfect detailing protection package that will keep your paint shiny and protect against the dulling effects of snow, ice, and winter road debris.

Our "Black Friday Detailing Spectacular" is a celebration of automotive excellence, offering a range of services that are immensely valuable to every vehicle owner. It's more than just detailing; it's an investment in the long-term beauty and protection of your cherished vehicle. This special package is the epitome of care, precision, and dedication, ensuring your vehicle looks its best and stays protected throughout the fall and into the winter season. Don't miss out on the opportunity to give your vehicle the royal treatment it deserves.

Interior Detailing:

Our interior detailing is not just a surface-level clean; it's a complete rejuvenation of your vehicle's cabin, transforming it into a haven of comfort and elegance. We understand that the interior of your vehicle is where you spend most of your time, and it should reflect the same level of care and attention we give to the exterior.

Our skilled technicians meticulously clean, vacuum, and shampoo every nook and cranny of your vehicle's interior. We pay special attention to areas that often go unnoticed, ensuring that dust, dirt, and grime are completely eradicated. We treat your upholstery, carpets, and leather with the utmost care, leaving them refreshed and looking like new.

Our "Black Friday Detailing Spectacular" includes an interior detailing process that encompasses:

  • Thorough vacuuming to remove dust, debris, and allergens, leaving your interior spotless.
  • A comprehensive upholstery and carpet shampoo, restoring a fresh and clean appearance.
  • Leather conditioning, ensuring that your seats remain supple and resistant to wear and tear.
  • Dashboard and trim detailing to eliminate fingerprints and restore a factory-fresh finish.
  • Window and mirror cleaning to provide crystal-clear visibility from the driver's seat.

The result is an interior that feels and smells brand new, making your driving experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

Engine Bay Detailing:

A well-maintained engine not only enhances your vehicle's performance but also contributes to its longevity. Our engine bay detailing is a testament to our commitment to every aspect of your vehicle's well-being.

Our meticulous process involves:

  • Engine degreasing and cleaning to remove built-up grime and oil, ensuring optimal performance and heat dissipation.
  • Dressing and protection to safeguard the engine components against dust and corrosion, extending the life of your vehicle's heart.

Our engine bay detailing is more than just aesthetics; it's about ensuring your engine operates at its best, reducing the risk of breakdowns, and preserving your vehicle's resale value.

Exterior Detailing:

Our exterior detailing begins with a 3-bucket meticulous Hand Car Wash. This is followed with a Full Body Clay Bar Paint Decontamination, meticulously removing impurities and imperfections from your vehicle's exterior, restoring its original luster. This step sets the stage for the true transformation. Next, our experts employ a Polished-on Ceramic Sealant, delivering premium winter paint protection that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also guards against the harshest seasonal elements.

The face of your Rims receives special treatment, where we clean and rejuvenate them to their full glory. We also pamper your tires with a thorough cleaning, followed by a specially formulated Protectant Shine that leaves them looking sharp and well-protected.

Your safety and visibility are equally important to us. That's why we include the Ceramic Pro Windshield Extreme Protection, ensuring a crystal-clear view in any weather conditions and contributing to a safer driving experience.

With our "Black Friday Detailing Spectacular," your vehicle will not only look stunning on the outside but will also provide you with a pristine and comfortable interior, as well as an engine that's primed for performance and longevity. It's a complete automotive makeover that leaves no detail untouched.

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Car Interior Detailing

Car Exterior Detailing

Engine Bay Detailing

Crucial Winter Protection add-ons

Black Friday Detailing Spectacular Reg Price40% Off Special
Sedan or 2 Row SUV$649$399
Truck or 3 Row SUV$699$449

Please note that extra charges may apply for an excessively dirty vehicle with deep stains or ingrained pet hair.

We will make your CAR, Truck, or SUV
look like new!

Our mandate is to get each and every car looking like it did the day it left the showroom. We are focused on bringing back the lustre and beauty that comes with a new car.

We are not your average car detailing services shop just looking to run a quick interior cleaning and wash on a dirty car.

We provide great attention to detail and strive to transform the look and condition of each and every vehicle – leaving it immaculately clean as well as protected into the future.

Auto Detailing – GOLD

Car Interior Detailing

Car Exterior Detailing

Engine Bay Detailing

Interior Auto DetailingPrice
Sedan or 2 Row SUV$399
Truck or 3 Row SUV$449
Engine Bay Shampoo and High Shine Ceramic Premium Protection$99
Paint Clay Bar Decontamination + Ceramic Sealant Premium Protection$99
Undercarriage Deep Wash Clean$99
Headliner Shampoo (Interior Fabric Roofing)$99

Please note that extra charges may apply for an excessively dirty vehicle with deep stains or ingrained pet hair.

Auto Detailing – DIAMOND

Car Interior Cleaning


Car Interior Cleaning


Engine Bay Detailing


Windshield Ceramic Coating


Paint Polish


Undercarriage Car Wash


Car Detailing Ozone Treatment


Please note that extra charges may apply for an excessively dirty vehicle with deep stains or ingrained pet hair.

Interior Auto Detailing Extras

Exterior Auto Detailing Extras

Diamond Auto DetailingPrice
Sedan or 2 Row SUV$549
Truck or 3 Row SUV$599

Car Detailing Services Package Add-Ons

Add-OnsPriceSale 1/2 Price
Engine Bay Shampoo and High Shine Ceramic Premium Protection$99$49
Paint Clay Bar Decontamination + Ceramic Sealant Premium Protection$99$49
Undercarriage Deep Wash Clean$99$49
Headliner Shampoo (Interior Fabric Roofing)$99$49

Car and Auto Detailing Frequently Asked Questions

People sometimes think that car detailing services is just the exterior and interior car wash done on a vehicle. While many have done a basic cleaning, wipe down, and vacuuming of their ride - the equipment and processes employed with a professional detailing is significantly different.

An interior car wash generally consists of a basic cleaning of the exterior of the vehicle and sometimes the addition of a cheap grade of wax. The interior of the vehicle is usually an afterthought and is done with some rags and spray chemicals combined with an underpowered wall mounted vacuum. Nothing wrong with an auto cleaning, it just does not come close to what is done with a professional detailing.

We provide a true professional car detailing service that addresses both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. It involves the use of commercial state-of-the-art equipment and professional grade products combined with a high degree of skill and expertise. The result protects, beautifies, creates a healthy interior, and increases the value of the vehicle. The goal of a professional car detailing is to bring the vehicle as close as is possible to the original showroom condition. 

Car Detailing is very important and here are some key reasons why.

Maintaining and enjoying your investment

We all spend a lot of time commuting in our vehicles. A car that has been maintained through regular cleaning and detailing at an auto spa will look and feel much better over time. It will also have significantly newer looking seats, carpets, trim, dash components, and exterior paint as compared to vehicles that are not maintained.

Professional grade protectant and cleaning products protect dash and interior components. Auto Spa detailing of seating and carpets removes particles, sand, and dirt from the grinding breakdown that they experience from regular day-to-day usage.

Professional wax and Ceramic Coatings block harmful UV and oxidation effects on the exterior paint and trim. And the regular washing and detailing of your vehicle's exterior prevents rust and corrosion that inevitably occurs due to the harmful effects of rain, snow, wind, sand, and oxidation.

It is much healthier

Dirt, dust, and pathogens build up and fester over time, which in turn affects the air quality and health of your vehicle’s interior. The auto interior is of course compact, and we breathe these particles in whenever we travel. The build-up of allergens in the venting are directed into our lungs every time the air conditioning or heating is turned on. Keeping the interior of your vehicle clean and healthy through regular detailing is of primary importance.

A clean auto is a direct reflection of you

Depending on your driving habits, you spend time in your car almost every day. A clean car is a direct reflection on you and conveys to the world a professional and responsible image. Your vehicle is a part of you and the reflection extends to your employer, spouse, kids, friends, dates, everyone. On top of being clean, the smell of properly detailed car is freshness – as opposed to a musty environment that continues to build up over time from dirt, mold, and fast-food smells.

Resale Value

When it comes time to reselling your car, a car brought to an auto spa for a professional detailing will always increase the value – often to multiple times the cost of the detailing itself. A clean and detailed car shows prospective buyers that the owner has cared for the vehicle and establishes a basis for trustworthiness. This is the key reason why car dealers always bring their vehicles to a car detailing center. This ensures that they receive the car care that they need to obtain top customer satisfaction and resale value.

This is a very personal decision and there is no absolute criteria. It's like asking how often one needs to clean their home. As a rule of thumb though, people on average get their autos detailed anywhere from once a year - to seasonal at four times a year - to every month for those that want their car clean like home.

The city of Edmonton with its four distinct seasons, is particularly tough on our vehicles. We get road salt and sandy grit in the winter - mud and slush in spring - and sunny full UV days throughout the year. This takes a toll on both the exterior and interior of your car. Therefore, we have the various packages at our car detailing Edmonton west end location.

At times, your auto may only need a Bronze Car Detailing Service where the sand and grit is deep vacuumed clean. And the interior console and components are thoroughly cleaned of dirt and contaminants.

Other times you may need a more thorough Silver Car Detailing Service that includes components like deep steam cleaning and carpet shampooing. Dirt, sand, and grime are deeply extracted to enhance, protect, and maintain your cars appearance and value. And our deep steam cleaning equipment sanitizes and kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens (according to studies done by manufacturer Dupray)

And for the person who wants a car detailing that is absolutely stunning, we offer our Gold Car Detailing Service. On top of a comprehensive deep interior detailing, the engine detailing is done with a thorough steam shampoo and shine, the rims are acid cleaned, and the exterior is waxed and polished to perfection for Best in Edmonton Car Detailing Services results.

Book an appointment today at Edmonton's favorite car detailing near me auto spa - Champs Detailing. We would love to take care of your ride.

The Difficult-to-Clean Category of things is something that we also specialize in. We have specialized auto detailing products and procedures to remove difficult Tar, Gummy Substances, and Salt Stains from the exterior of the vehicle. We also have the tools and expertise to remove the most difficult and ingrained animal hair to provide you with the perfect interior detailing package.

As well, we also have the extraction equipment and expertise to deal with nasty stains such as vomit, chewing gum, or the unfortunate breakage of your prized bottle of red wine. 

Call us here for all your car cleaning Edmonton needs and to get a free assessment. Champs Car Detailing Edmonton strives to be your #1 choice for high quality detailing.

An Undercarriage Car Wash is a cleaning treatment that is especially vital in the winter months when salt, grit, sand, and chemicals bond with the foundation of your vehicle. Cleaning this is important as the sustained build up over time causes rust and corrosion to occur.

An Ozone Car Treatment is utilized for cars with deep rooted smells like cigarette smoke or skunk like odors. This is very effective in car detailing to eliminate the residual odors while at the same time killing bacteria and viruses.

What is Ozone? Here's the link to the Wikipedia Ozone Page

An Engine Bay Detailing is for the car lover who demands the same level of clean under the hood. You will not find this level of car care at any car wash. We provide high quality complete degreasing of the engine compartment along with high pressure commercial steam cleaning and subsequent polishing. This results in an engine that literally looks like it came directly from the showroom. 

Google Top Rated Edmonton Detailing Studio

Champs Detailing is your Premium Car Detailing Near Me Edmonton Full Service Auto Detailing Centre.

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Car Detailing Services

Champs Detailing provides Professional Interior Car Detailing and exterior hand wash and wax. We also specialize in engine detailing, undercarriage wash, paint correction polishing, and ozone treatments.

Check out our blog on What is a Professional Car Detailing to get a full overview of what sets us apart, and the quality of Detailing that we offer.

On top of our 5 stars rated car detailing, we provide detailing services for every type of vehicle. Whether you are looking for Semi Truck Detailing or RV Detailing or Boat Detailing, we have you covered with our wide array of services.

We have the highest standards in the industry when it comes to specialty protection detailing services. We have authorized Ceramic Pro Canada Coating installers as well as XPEL Paint Protection FilmCall us to get the answers to all your Edmonton and area auto detailing needs. 

We strive to be Edmonton’s #1 detailing centre and look forward to the opportunity to transform your vehicle back to showroom-like condition. Contact our knowledgeable staff to get more information on the best package for your ride – or book yourself an appointment in confidence with our online booking system.

More Champs Detailing Services


Car Detailing Near Me

Champs Detailing

Some Recent Google Reviews from our Customers

Purchased detailing as a Christmas gift and so glad I chose Champs! Miles was very professional and polite. His team did an incredible job, it looks like a brand-new vehicle! I would highly recommend.

Jasmeena Gill Avatar Jasmeena Gill
January 3, 2024

Just had my parents Volvo XC40 done with Ceramic Pro Ion coating. Adds a deep shine and looking forward to years of paint protection. Miles was informative about the product, pricing and had the car done on time. Would recommend going back to Champs detailing.

Tyler Hanson Avatar Tyler Hanson
December 29, 2023

Workmanship and communication are clearly very important to the champs team. Miles was great to work with on creating a detailing / polishing plan that work for my needs. If your reading reviews looking for the perfect shop for your detailing need, you have found it! Appreciate the attention to detail, job well done. Thank you Champs!

Dallas Weber Avatar Dallas Weber
December 29, 2023

Amazing service and exceptional results. Great place to get your auto detailing.

Sachin Sandhu Avatar Sachin Sandhu
December 15, 2023

We sent over one of our 5ton company units for a detailing and what we got back was a brand new unit. It has not been that clean since it rolled off the factory floor. The attention to detail was outstanding. Needless to say, we will be sending our entire fleet over to Miles. Customer service was fantastic and finished right on schedule.

Deanna Waite Avatar Deanna Waite
December 5, 2023

Exceptional work, customer service and staff. Thank you for the great job, fair price.....our trailer looks amazing!

John Connor Avatar John Connor
December 5, 2023

Friendly and professional. Truck looks brand new!

Dustin Somers Avatar dustin somers
December 5, 2023

I had my 2022 GLE in for PPF and ceramic coating on the car and they did an amazing job. I would say the car looked better than when I first bought it.

Sahib Sahota Avatar sahib sahota
November 27, 2023

Fantastic job on the detailing. Looks as good as the day it was bought

Gerry Moore Avatar GERRY MOORE
November 5, 2023

I’m a first time customer with Champs Detailing. They did a fantastic job on my old classic pickup truck. Looks brand new again. Miles kept me up-to-date on how the process was going which was much appreciated. Very happy with the service I got and the results. I will be taking more vehicles to these guys, and I would recommend them.

Kyle Pad Avatar Kyle Pad
November 5, 2023

Great detailing service from miles and his team I would definitely return they did an awesome job I’m my Mercedes Benz GLE 350 my suv looks and smell great with awesome times and knowledgeable guys that work that this detailing outfit will be back in the spring time for sure for spring clean up

Chase Plante Avatar Chase Plante
November 5, 2023

Amazing customer service. Amazing work got the stage 2 polish done on my Mercedes and the car paint looks brand new. Highly recommend going here. miles is your guy to deal with. 🔥

Jay Dee Avatar Jay Dee
October 27, 2023

Been here a few times, good prices and great work. Highly recommend.

Jamie Kjelgren Avatar Jamie Kjelgren
October 24, 2023

The Champs team did an amazing job on my Mastercraft X15 boat. They brought it back to show room condition. Miles went over and above to ensure I was satisfied as a 1st time client. I highly recommend them as you will not be disappointed. I will be taking my truck there to get detailed as well!

Jason Bodnarek Avatar Jason Bodnarek
October 17, 2023

Miles did a great job with my Ceramic Coat and PPF. He addressed every concern I had and responded promptly. Great experience

Robert George (Logicbomb) Avatar Robert George (LogicBomb)
October 10, 2023

Great place for detailing ! Will definitely continue to use them

Mark H Avatar Mark H
October 5, 2023

Top notch service, Miles and crew nailed the ceramic and PPF on my C8. Will be bringing all my vehicles to them.

Nate Whalen Avatar Nate Whalen
September 3, 2023

Champs did an amazing job inside and out on my 2010 Mustang gt.

Dennis Nicholson Avatar Dennis Nicholson
August 7, 2023

They did an amazing job on my ‘92 bowrider. Just got it home and it looks brand new! Would give 10 stars if I could.

Brendan Mcnalley Avatar Brendan McNalley
August 7, 2023

Took my 23 WRX for PPF. Miles was very professional. The team did a great job, very happy with the results.

Bennet Lal Avatar Bennet Lal
July 7, 2023

First time bringing my truck to Champs Detailing and I couldn't be happier. The level of detail, care and attention the Champs team put into my vehicle is definitely noticable. My partner and I were truly blown away by how amazing my 9yr old truck looked after their team went to work. Thanks again Champs!! Definitely recommending to co-workers, friends and family!

Michael Avatar Michael
July 7, 2023

Miles and his team absolutely rocked it while ceramic coating our Range Rover . Wouldn’t go to any other place . Not only was the price extremely fair but he was also able to work with my schedule and get everything completed and then some ! Will def be back with all our vehicles

Neden -_-Ninja Avatar neden -_-NINJA
July 7, 2023

Great service. Brought the gel coat back on my boat like it was new

Mitch Kurylyk Avatar Mitch Kurylyk
July 5, 2023

Awesome job detailing my boat inside and out. They polished, waxed and steamed it on a 2008 fiberglass fish and ski.

Brian Nieminen Avatar Brian Nieminen
May 7, 2023

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Check out our award winning Blog Posting where we provide an overview on What is a Professional Car Detailing and how it differs from simply car cleaning and washing.

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Car Interior Cleaning

Deep and comprehensive cleaning and detailing using state-of-the-art steam and shampoo extraction equipment along with professional-grade detailing products.

Car Exterior Detailing


Detailing is done by hand to ensure the highest level of professional car care to your paint’s exterior surface. We also finish with a Polished on Ceramic Sealant for the ultimate in protection.

Engine Bay Detailing


Our engine detailing consists of degreasing the engine compartment followed by commercial steam cleaning removal of oils, grease, and contaminants – and finishing with fine polishing.

Polish Correction


Our paint correction polishing process removes the scratches and swirls from the top coat of your paint. This results in a beautiful glowing mirror finish.