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OK, So here’s the overview

When we drive, elements like dirt, grime, and oils are constantly attaching to the cars paint. So we need to continually wash, clean, and wax to help keep the paint looking as good as possible.

Despite this, stains build up and swirls and micro-scatches accumulate all over your cars exterior. And the build of up dirt, grime, and oils make cleaning the vehicle difficult.

And this in turn accelerates the build up of these swirls and micro-scratches which quickly makes your car look dull and old.

There is a solution!

Ceramic Pro Coating is engineered to alter this outcome and provide protection and a beautiful glow to your paint.

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Ceramic Coating FAQ

Ceramic Car Coating is a protection and beautification system for your vehicle. It is a next generation technology that chemically bonds the nanoceramic glass coating to the surface which forms an extremely powerful and durable shield.

This advanced polymer provides a stunningly beautiful, glossy, hydrophobic, protection finish that holds up over time. (Something that even the best wax simply cannot compete with).

The result is a finish that is very resistant to alkali, acids, UV Rays, solvents, corrosion, and harsh weather conditions. The incredible durability keeps the surface looking great for years on end.

A Ceramic Car Coating is vastly different from any kind of sealant or wax. It is a nanoceramic coating that adheres permanently to the vehicle's paint. Once cured, this incredible advanced formulation becomes a permanent and rigid glass shield on the surface.

Champs Detailing Ceramic Pro Edmonton Auto Spa will install this advanced top-of-the-line protection to your vehicle. This will provide years of protection from water spots, tree sap, bird droppings, brake dust particles, rocks, road salt, and all etchings that can occur at any time while on the road.

The extreme hydrophobic property of Ceramic Pro prevents these elements from deeply binding or sticking with the vehicles paint. And this allows for very easy cleaning and the maintenance for an incredible looking auto.

As explained, a Ceramic Pro Coating adds protection and a beautiful glow to your vehicle’s exterior and reduces ongoing maintenance needs. Getting a Ceramic Pro Coating done to your vehicle adds great value including being added to your vehicles Carfax record.

There are some claims made on the internet that are not entirely accurate. So, this is to also clarify what a Ceramic Pro Coating does not do.

Ceramic Coating does not stop rock chips, swirls, and paint scratches from happening.
While Ceramic Pro coating will repel lighter scratches and swirls from occurring, it is not a scratch and chip elimination solution. This is what Paint Protection Film is engineered for.

Ceramic Coating does not eliminate the need to wash your Car.
While a Ceramic Pro Coating helps keep your car looking new with minimal maintenance - this does not eliminate the need for washing.

One big benefit is that the cleaning process will be much easier, and you no longer need to wax your vehicle. This is due to the extreme hydrophobic properties of this amazing technology.

Dirt and grime are generally repelled from sticking to the surface, and what does stick to the surface is easily washed away.

And because the Ceramic Coating does not wear off like wax does, it leaves the exterior of your vehicle with a beautiful permanent shine and glow.

Both products protect your paint and there is some overlap in what they do. However, they are different products and there are key differences in what they achieve. While they both provide protection, Paint Protection Film provides a fundamentally higher level of protection from rock chips and scratches.

A great solution to protecting and beautifying your vehicle involves using Paint Protection Film on the front end of your vehicle and Ceramic Pro Coating on the remainder.

This utilizes the superior protection and shine attributes of Paint Protection Film to the highest impact areas of your vehicle, and compliments this with a Ceramic Pro Coating that provides protection and glow to the rest of your vehicle.

As a vehicle owner who is looking to both beautify and protect your vehicle at the highest level, you are looking at Ceramic Pro - the World's Best Ceramic Coating.

Ceramic Pro Coating places a penetrating foundation that builds up to an incredibly powerful protective layer that seals the surface and prevents any corrosion or oxidation. It is the premium long-term solution to both protection, maintenance, and lasting beauty.

Professional Ceramic Pro Canada Coating adds value to your vehicle and provides your ride with the ultimate protection against any weather condition. This coating provides vastly superior protection and shine properties that lasts years to a lifetime depending on the package. So, this initial cost is minimized by the elimination of the need for ongoing waxing and maintenance.

As well, the 9H hardness of a Champs Detailing Ceramic Coating Edmonton package protects the surface from scuffs and minor scratches, and the extreme hydrophobic effect makes cleaning a breeze. The Ceramic Pro Coating will provide you with an incredible eye-catchingly beautiful vehicle, along with protection and investment value into the future.

Contact us here at Champs Detailing for a free assessment and evaluation and decide on the Best Ceramic Coating Edmonton Package for your vehicle or a combination that includes Paint Protection Film.

Ceramic Pro has established a solid reputation for being The leader in automotive, industrial, marine, and aerospace nano ceramic coatings for years. There are a few different Ceramic Coating choices on the market, but none can compare to Ceramic Pro. If you want the world's Best Ceramic Coating for your vehicle - There's only one Ceramic Pro.

Ceramic Pro Coating is the Best Ceramic Coating because it is the most advanced next generation ceramic coating technology in the automotive industry today!

What makes it different is the cutting-edge technology based on ceramic molecular compounds (nanoceramics). The formula is world patented and it has taken ten years of research and testing to bring the product to where it is today. That is why it is regarded as the Best Ceramic Coating on the market.

Through these years of research and development, they have fine-tuned and perfected the science behind the ceramic nanotechnology-based formulation. It is a harder and longer lasting protection system of the new generation, for the next generation. It is supremely hydrophobic. This simply means that water, dirt, and grime that hits the surface often just is repelled and rolls off. And elements that do hold on are very easily washed off.

The surface’s glass shield has an extreme gloss and glow. This not only makes the car look stunning and beautiful, it also prevents dirt, tar, bird droppings, and stains from bonding to the surface.

Unlike other protective products, it is a permanent protection that is independent lab tested to be above 9H in hardness. It is the strongest with the highest durability on the market. And on top that, the beauty and shine that it provides is stunning and head-turning.

Champs Detailing Ceramic Coating Edmonton Auto Spa loves transforming cars to their ultimate beauty.

Contact us here at Champs Detailing to discuss your needs and let us provide you with a free assessment and quote for the world's Best Ceramic Coating.


Ceramic Coating Car Centre Edmonton

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Champs Detailing Edmonton has Ceramic Pro – The World’s Best Ceramic Coating!

Ceramic Coating Car Centre Edmonton

  • 2 layers of “Ceramic-Pro Sport”
  • 1 layer of ”Ceramic-Pro Glass” on all exterior glass surfaces
  • 1 layer “Ceramic-Pro Wheel & Caliper” on wheel faces & exhaust tips
Prices Starting at $249

Ceramic Coating Car Centre Edmonton

  • 1 layer of “Ceramic-Pro Nano Primer” on exterior painted surfaces
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic-Pro Top Coat” on exterior painted surfaces
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic-Pro Glass” on all exterior glass surfaces
  • 1 layer “Ceramic-Pro Wheel & Caliper” on wheel faces & exhaust tips

Prices Starting at $599


Ceramic Coating Car Centre Edmonton

  • 1 layer of “Ceramic-Pro Nano Primer” on exterior painted surfaces
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic-Pro 9H” on exterior painted surfaces
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic-Pro Top Coat” on exterior painted surfaces
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic-Pro Glass” on all exterior glass surfaces
  • 1 layer “Ceramic-Pro Wheel & Caliper” on wheel faces & exhaust tips

Prices Starting at $899

Ceramic Coating Car Centre Edmonton

  • 1 layer of “Ceramic-Pro Nano Primer” on exterior painted surfaces
  • 4 layers of “Ceramic-Pro 9H” on exterior painted surfaces
  • 1 layers of “Ceramic-Pro Top Coat” on exterior painted surfaces
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic-Pro Glass” on all exterior glass surfaces
  • 1 layer “Ceramic-Pro Wheel & Caliper” on wheel faces & exhaust tips

Prices Starting at $1499

  Champs Detailing is an official Ceramic Pro Certified Professional Installation Center through Ceramic Pro Canada


Ceramic Pro is the only coating that is affiliated with CarFax and shows up on Carproof Reports increasing the value of your investment. Choose the World’s #1 Best Ceramic Coating to Protect and Beautify your vehicle.

Watch this excellent presentation to get a technical idea of what Ceramic Pro is and why it’s so special

Ceramic Pro is a break through and the most advanced  Nanoceramic Car Coating Protection

Ceramic Pro Coating


Extreme Gloss

The protective glass-shield makes the surface extremely glossy and sleek, preventing bird droppings, tar, dirt, stains and so forth from bonding.

UV Resistance

This ceramic car coating has UV inhibiting properties will prevent any fading or aging from damaging UV rays on any substrate.


Scuff Resistant

The hardness of the coating will prevent the surface from becoming damaged by scuffs and minor scratches.

9H Superior Hardness

Tested and proven to be above 9H in hardness. This world’s Best Ceramic Coating is the strongest and most durable on the market.



Ceramic Pro branded Ceramic Car Coating is super hydrophobic causing any dirt, dust or grime to simply encapsulate on the surface and roll off.

Eliminates Chemicals

Ceramic Pro’s extreme hydrophobic effect makes cleaning easier with no harsh and environmentally harming chemicals required.


Oxidation Barrier

The Ceramic Pro ceramic car coating starts with a penetrating foundation that builds up to create a protective layer that seals whatever surface it is applied to, preventing both oxidation and corrosion.

Strong Durability

Unlike other protective products, Ceramic Pro Coating provides permanent protection that can only be removed through heavy abrasion.

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