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Why is Ceramic Pro PPF Superior?

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film is the ultimate in automotive surface protection, created by experts in nano-ceramic technology. This innovative film, enhanced with the latest top coat advancements, provides unmatched protection, and its self-cleaning hydrophobic properties will keep your vehicle looking pristine for years.

Ceramic Pro PPF provides unparalleled protection from daily wear and tear, sand, gravel, winter snow brushing, rock impacts, UV, chemical contaminants, and oxidation.

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Instant Healing Ceramic Pro PPF is incredibly hydrophobic and offers twice the strength and elasticity of other premium protective films on the market today!

The Epitome of Durability

The #1 Paint Protection Film for a Reason

In the world of professional protective solutions – paint protection film reigns supreme. Ceramic Pro Coated Paint Protection Film is the world’s most revolutionary high-tech PPF. It is the pinnacle of protection films, has superior durability, is extremely hydrophobic, and provides the highest level of protection from rock chips, road debris, and scratches.


Best Paint Protection Film for Scratches

Check out this real-world test on a car protected with Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film. After a serious scrape on a pillar, there is not so much as a scratch on the actual paint of the body.

Ceramic Pro PPF for the Win!

Clear Bra Car Ultimate Protection


Ask about our Ultimate Armor Package Special

The Ultimate Protection System for your Vehicle, which includes Full Front PPF Protection combined with Ceramic Pro Coatings on the rest of the Vehicle!

Ceramic Pro Clear Bra PPF

Superior Top Coat Technology

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Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film is the ultimate in automotive surface protection, created by the very minds that pioneered nano-ceramic technology. With its state-of-the-art top coat advancements, this groundbreaking film provides unmatched resistance against staining, keeping your vehicle looking brand new for years. Designed to combat the everyday challenges of driving, from pesky rock chips to unsightly discoloration, Ceramic Pro PPF offers a level of protection that surpasses traditional films. By combining exceptional durability with unparalleled aesthetic preservation, Ceramic Pro PPF is the ideal choice for those who seek only the finest in vehicle protection.

12 Year Manufacturers Warranty

The world’s most advanced PPF technology that is infused with Ceramic Pro coating and has instant healing properties… and this all comes with a 12 year warranty.

Have absolute peace of mind when investing in this technology for your ride!

CARFAX Verified Warranty

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film is the only Carfax-affiliated vehicle protection film on the market


Each installed package is documented on your CARFAX Vehicle History Report, attached to the VIN, and stays on the report for the vehicle’s lifespan. This means, warranties are transferred to the new vehicle owner until the warranty expires.

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