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Car Detailing Prices
Detailing Specials

$50 Off

* Complete Interior Steam Cleaning and Wipe-down of all Vinyl Surfaces.
* Door Panels / Instrument Panels / Vents / Cup Holders / Button Cleaning/ compartments
* Vacuuming Throughout
* Full Carpet & Upholstery & Seats Shampoo
* Trunk Shampoo & Steam Cleaning
* Deep Vinyl & Leather Steam Cleaning and Conditioning
* Window & Glass Cleaning
* Rear-View Mirror / Visor Mirrors / Digital Screens / Windows / Side Mirrors
* Compartment and Glove Box Cleaning

* Hand Wash and Dry
* Tire Dressing
* Rim Cleaning
* Fabric Mats / Rubber Mats Cleaning
* Ozone Treatment – Gas ozone (O3) unit utilized to remove odors, bacteria, and viruses

Car Detailing Specials Edmonton Prices

Sedan or 5 Seat SUV
$299SALE $249

Truck or 7 Seat SUV
$339 – SALE $289

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* Please note that extra charges may apply for pet hair, deep stains, or excessively dirty vehicles.

Best in Edmonton Over 20% Off Semi Truck Detailing Prices
Special Offers Package


Semi Truck Detailing Prices
Detailing Specials

$200 Off

* Complete Interior Semi Truck Detailing and Cleaning of all Surfaces using top line Dupray Steamer & Extractor
* Vacuuming Throughout
* Full Carpet and Upholstery and Seats Shampoo
* Deep Vinyl and Leather Steam Cleaning and Conditioning
* Window and Glass Cleaning
* All Mirrors Shined
* Floor mats and salt stains thoroughly cleaned
* Deep Steam Cleaning and Sanitization throughout cabin
* Consoles, cup holders, compartments thoroughly cleaned
* All appliances and utilities cleaned
* Full Interior and Bunks Area Cleaning
* Ozone treatment – Gas ozone (O3) unit utilized to remove odors, bacteria, and viruses.

Semi Truck Detailing Specials Edmonton Prices

In our Shop:                                 $699 SALE $499 

Mobile-to-your-location:          $799 SALE $599 

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Champs Detailing Sale - Best in Edmonton
What our Customers say about us in Google Reviews

Greg Ostopowich


I was very pleased that I chose Champs to do my auto detailing. I have had my car for 11 years and never experienced having my car detailed. Miles explained exactly what was going to be done so when he called and the car was done I got to his place and didn’t recognize was my car it looked like it just came out of the showroom.

John Skeith

The service was impeccable! Miles was very thorough and turned my car inside out, I barely recognized it after he finished with it. Definitely a must for anyone looking to get a great detail job. -John

Rose Fedoruk

I surprised a friend for his birthday with a detail. Let me tell you his car is always super gross. It’s back to looking brand new. Super impressed with the service and the reasonable prices! 10/10 would recommend!!

Champs Detailing
Where Your Satisfaction is our Top Priority!

Here are the rest of the Google Reviews from our Fantastic Customers


People sometimes confuse washing a car with car detailing. While there are some basic similarities, the differences are very significant.

A car wash generally consists of a basic cleaning of the exterior of the vehicle and sometimes the addition of a cheap grade of wax. The interior of the vehicle is usually an afterthought or is done by an underpowered wall mounted vacuum. Nothing wrong with an auto cleaning, it just does not come close to what is done with a professional detailing.

A professional car detailing addresses both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. It involves the use of commercial equipment and professional grade products combined with a high degree of skill and expertise. The result protects, beautifies, creates a healthy interior, and increases the value of the vehicle. The goal of a professional car detailing is to bring the vehicle as close as is possible to the original showroom condition. 

And for a limited time we are giving this Deluxe $100 Off Detailing Specials package at Best in Edmonton Car Detailing Prices

You can Book this Auto Detailing Special Offers package Online or Call us at 780-803-7173

Maintaining and enjoying your investment

We all spend a lot of time commuting in our vehicles. An auto that has been maintained through regular cleaning and detailing will look and feel much better over time, and will have significantly newer looking seats, carpets, trim, dash components, and exterior paint as compared to vehicles that are not maintained.

Professional grade protectant and cleaning products protect dash and interior components. Detailing of seating and carpets removes particles, sand, and dirt from the grinding breakdown that they experience from regular day-to-day usage.

Professional wax and Ceramic Coatings block harmful UV and oxidation effects on the exterior paint and trim. And the regular washing and detailing of your vehicle's exterior prevents rust and corrosion that inevitably occurs due to the harmful effects of rain, snow, wind, sand, and oxidation.

It is much healthier

Dirt, dust, and pathogens build up and fester over time, which in turn affects the air quality and health of your vehicle’s interior. The auto interior is of course compact, and we breathe these particles in whenever we travel. The build-up of allergens in the venting are directed into our lungs every time the air conditioning or heating is turned on. Having a professional auto detailing and keeping the interior of your vehicle clean and healthy is of primary importance.

A clean auto is a direct reflection of you

Depending on your driving habits, you spend time in your car almost every day. A clean car is a direct reflection on you and conveys to the world a professional and responsible image. Your vehicle is a part of you and the reflection extends to your employer, spouse, kids, friends, dates, everyone. On top of being clean, the smell of a proper auto detailing in a car is absolute freshness. Eliminate the musty environment that builds up over time from dirt, dust, and fast-food smells.

Resale Value

When it comes time to reselling your car, a deep auto detailing will always increase the value – often to multiple times the cost of the detailing itself. A clean and detailed car shows prospective buyers that the owner has cared for the vehicle and establishes a basis for trustworthiness. This is the key reason why car dealers always ensure that their vehicles get a professional auto detailing in preparation for their customers.

And for a limited time we are giving this Deluxe $100 Off Detailing Specials package at Best in Edmonton Car Detailing Prices

You can Book this Auto Detailing Special Offers package Online or Call us at 780-803-7173

This is a very personal decision and there is no absolute criteria. It's like asking how often one needs to clean their home. As a rule of thumb though, people on average get their autos detailed anywhere from once a year to four times a year as the seasons change.

The city of Edmonton with its four distinct seasons, is particularly tough on our vehicles. We get road salt and sandy grit in the winter - mud and slush in spring - and sunny full UV days throughout the year. This takes a toll on both the exterior and interior of your car. Therefore we have the various packages at our car detailing Edmonton west end location.

At times, your auto may only need a Standard Auto Detailing where the sand and grit is deep vacuumed clean. And the interior console and components are thoroughly cleaned of dirt and contaminants.

Other times you may need a Deluxe Auto Detailing that includes components like deep steam cleaning and carpet shampooing. Dirt, sand, and grime are deeply extracted to enhance, protect, and maintain your cars appearance and value. And our deep steam cleaning equipment sanitizes and kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens (according to studies done by manufacturer Dupray)

And for the person who wants a car detailing that is absolutely stunning, we offer our Gold Auto detailing package. On top of a comprehensive deep interior detailing, the engine bay is shampooed and shined, the rims are acid cleaned, and the exterior is waxed and polished to perfection.

And for a limited time we are giving this Deluxe $100 Off Detailing Specials package at Best in Edmonton Car Detailing Prices

You can Book this Auto Detailing Special Offers package Online or Call us at 780-803-7173

Champs Detailing is first and foremost about our customers. We deliver Edmonton’s highest quality auto detailing service along with a personal touch and the utmost care to your vehicle. 

And take advantage of this limited time $100 Off Detailing Specials package at Best in Edmonton Car Detailing Prices

Champs Detailing - Where your Satisfaction is our Top Priority!

Champs Detailing will provide professional Semi Truck Detailing in shop or Mobile-to-Your-Location. We use professional grade products and skill to provide you with fantastic showroom quality results. We also utilize progressive cleaning and disinfection practices that leaves your vehicle free of dirt, dust, and pathogens. We take great pride in our semi truck detailing work to assure your satisfaction.

Thanks to the many customers who supported us during this extraordinary past year Car Detailing and Auto Detailing needs.

On top of this Best in Edmonton Car Detailing Specials Package, we provide Window Tinting, Ceramic Pro Coating, Paint Correction and Polishing, and Paint Protection Film (PPF) Services.

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