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Paint Correction and Car Polishing FAQ

Paint Correction is a term that is utilized to describe the process of removing swirls, scratches, and imperfections from an automobile’s exterior. It is the mechanical leveling and polishing process of rejuvenating and restoring the outermost layer of paint on your vehicle, called clearcoat, to the state it was at when new. The car polish process is not a simple task and requires expertise, time, patience, specialized compounds, and polishing equipment. There are no shortcuts to a properly done paint correction & car polish. The completed result leaves your vehicle polished to a Gloss Finish with Incredible Luster and shine.

Your vehicles paint is the one thing that stands out and defines the vehicle. It is the first thing that draws in our attention. Over time your cars exterior gets bombarded by the elements, oxidation, and general wear and tear that leaves your vehicles paint looking dull and uneven. Even the simple process of washing the exterior of your car causes the fine particles of dirt and sand to scratch and groove the clearcoat layer, resulting in swirls and micro scratches that make a great car look dull and drab.

Without Paint Correction and Car Polish work, a good wax job will temporarily “fill-in” these imperfections and make your car look good, but only temporarily. When the wax wears off in time, the underlying issue returns with a vengeance. Our Paint Correction and Power Polishing Package addresses the root of the problem and instantly increases the value while making your vehicle stand out from the crowd, giving it that clean, sharp, and radiant glowing finish.

Before carrying out any paint correction and car polish processes, the vehicle undergoes a thorough hand wash and decontamination using the 3 bucket method of washing. The washing and removal of surface contaminants is carried out diligently to remove all loose dirt, muck, and larger surface particles.

After the washing, an iron decontimination is done to remove any embedded metal particulates that may be embedded in the paint surfaces clear coat.

Claying then takes place using a clay bar. The clay bar removes any remaining surface particles and contaminants that may be bonded to the surface. Using the clay bar to remove these contaminants is crucial because it deeply clears the surface in preparation for the processes that follow. This is very important as the failure to fully remove contaminants from the vehicle's surface will adversely affect the next steps.

All plastic and vinyl trim is then covered so that it will be protected from the next polish residue steps.

We offer three different levels of paint correction car polish (1-Step, 2-Step, and 3 Step) depending on the color, age, and condition of the paint. These three stages are differentiated based on the methods, products and time required to polish the vehicle properly.

Our 1-Step process enhances gloss and removes light oxidation.

Our 2-Step is the most popular choice and removes light/moderate scratches, swirls and defects.

Our 3-Step is utilized for paint surfaces that have heavy oxidation and deeper scratches and other defects in the paint. This level of correction requires multiple stages of polishing.

The level at which Paint Correction Car Polish is done is dependant on both the condition of the existing paint, and the level of perfection that the customer is looking to achieve. Once the level of correction is completed, the work is followed by a wax sealant or Ceramic Coating (depending on the package that the customer decides is right for them).

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Paint correction with Power Polishing gives your car that gloss and shiny finish that helps it look bold and new. It is however a labor-intensive process that is also time-consuming. The key advantage of paint correction is that it leaves your paint with a fantastic clear clarity and brilliance that holds up over time. 

When coupled with a professional grade wax, it will provide several months of beauty and protection depending on driving habits and time of year.

When coupled with a Ceramic Coating, it will provide years or a lifetime of protection and brilliance - depending on the Ceramic Package that is added.

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Ceramic Pro Marine Packages Packages

1-Step Paint Correction Edmonton Car Polishing Package

Removal of very light scratches, swirl marks, and imperfections leaving your vehicle polished to a Gloss Finish with Great Luster and Shine


Includes the following:

SedanStarting at $299
5 Seat SUVStarting at $349
Truck or 7 Seat SUVStarting at $399

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2-Step Paint Correction Edmonton Car Polishing Package

The objective at this level is to achieve a very high level of correction while finishing down so fine that all you see in the paint is pure and clear reflections coupled with the brilliant glow, shine, and protection of the world’s #1 Carnuba auto wax SWISSVAX.


Includes the following:

SedanStarting at $499
5 Seat SUVStarting at $549
Truck or 7 Seat SUVStarting at $599

Please ccontact us to arrange for a free assessment and quote.

Ask us about using SWISSVAX Shield on your auto to achieve flawless, long-lasting shine beyond anything else on the market. The world’s highest quality Carnuba wax from Switzerland and OEM provider to Bugatti, Mercedes, Lamborghini, and Ferrari

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