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Do you want your vehicle looking like the day you bought it, and then stay that way?

For this to happen your car will need protection.

Vehicles come from the factory with basic protection called clear coat. This is a layer that sits on top of your vehicles paint and is very limited in what it can do to guard against the day-to-day forces that break down your vehicles surface.

The solution to protecting your cars paint is XPEL 3M Paint Protection Film – which is also known as PPF or Clear Bra.

Champs Detailing is a certified installer of XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS which is the Most Revolutionary 3M Paint Protection Film ever invented!

XPEL 3M Paint Protection Film is a thin transparent and virtually invisible urethane covering that provides the ultimate layer of protection from road debris, chemicals, UV, salt, stains, and more.

It protects your vehicles paint with a finish that looks spectacular.


XPEL Ultimate Plus is the ultimate 3M Car Protection Film for your vehicle. Self Healing, Stain Resistant, and Superior Optical Quality.

Unparalleled high gloss finish that protects your vehicle from scratches, scuffs, rock chips, and road debris. Stay safe from gravel, bug acids, bird droppings, and oils and help stop paint chips before they start.

Virtually invisible XPEL 3M Paint Protection Film technology is brought to you by Champs Detailing Edmonton.


XPEL Stealth is the film that is specially formulated to preserve flat factory finishes.

This 3M Car Protection Film is smooth as satin and is designed for matte, magno, or frosted finishes

Stealth Satin Car Paint Protection Film will protect your vehicle and provide the industry leading XPEL PPF properties.

XPEL 3M Car Protection Film – Self Healing, Stain Resistant and Superior Optical Clarity.

XPEL PPF Packages 3M Paint Protection Film Edmonton

All Packages Come with a 10 Year Warranty

Champs Detailing Paint Protection Film Edmonton utilizes Digital computer cutting technology that precision cuts to the exact specs of your vehicle make, model, and year.

Paint Protection Film Packages

silver package


This 3M Paint Protection Film package addresses the most venerable areas with leading edge hood protection.

Partial Front XPEL Paint Protection Film Package Includes:

Complimentary add-ons with this package:

2 Door$799
2 Row SUV or Sedan$899
Truck and 3 Row SUV$1099

Gold package


Our most popular package protects the highest impact area of your vehicle, and eliminates the seam on the vehicle’s side. This 3M Paint Protection Film Edmonton package provides maximum full nose coverage with great aesthetics.

Full Front XPEL Paint Protection Film Package Includes:

Complimentary add-ons with this package

2 Door$899
2 Row SUV or Sedan$999
Truck and 3 Row SUV$1199

Platinum Package


In addition to the Front Bumper Package, this 3M Paint Protection Film Edmonton package addresses the most venerable areas with leading edge hood protection.

Premium High Impact Zone Coverage:

Complimentary add-ons with this package

2 Door$1299
2 Row SUV or Sedan$1399
Truck and 3 Row SUV$1499

Diamond Package


This is complete coverage for your entire vehicle. As well it is coupled with Ceramic Pro protection for the interior as well as exterior windshield protection for absolute and quintessential protection.

Full Vehicle Package Includes:

Complimentary add-ons with this package

2 Door$4,500
4 Door$5,000
2 Row SUV$5,500
Trucks and 3 Row SUV $6,500

What are the Benefits of 3M Paint Protection Film?

XPEL 3M Paint Protection Film is the answer for anyone who is looking for a long term solution to preserving the look and beauty of their vehicle. Here is what XPEL 3M Paint Protection Film does.

Rocks, gravel, and road debris pose the greatest threat to your vehicle's appearance. Your cars paint is constantly getting bombarded every time you are drive down the road.

XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF is a high impact resistant clear bra film that effectively neutralizes the threat of this attack on your paint.

The XPEL urethane clear bra film is highly resistant to acidic contaminants. It forms an effective barrier that prevents the paint from the etching and staining effects that dulls and changes the appearance.

Harmful UV rays from the sun have a detrimental impact over time. This causes dulling, fading, and oxidization that changes the vibrance and look of your vehicle. 

XPEL PPF is the clear bra film that provides UV protection that allows your paint to continue to look great through the years.

Acidic corrosion of your car's painted surface happens as a results of bird droppings, bug splatters, and acid in the rain that falls.

XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film Clear Bra provides the barrier that ultimately stops this corrossion from happening.

XPEL PPF is designed with "self-healing" properties. The top-most layer is made up of elastomeric polymers that return to their natural shape after they are impacted or disfigured.

This incredible transformative Clear Bra Paint Protection Film can take the impact that would normally cause light scratches and marks. It absorbs the damage and returns itself to the perfect protective texture and look that it had before the infraction.

It is no secret that a well-maintained vehicle that looks great will have significantly more market value than one that doesn't.

The look, quality, and finish of a car's paint is a major factor on its resale value. Clear Bra PPF will not only allow you to enjoy and the beauty of your car, but it will also continue to maintain the vehicles value and allow you to prosper at resale time where it generally pays for itself.

The History and Facts on 3M Paint Protection Film and XPEL

As a vehicle owner who is looking to both beautify and protect your vehicle at the highest level - PPF is truly the ultimate technology at your disposal.

There are several Paint Protection Films on the market such as XPEL, 3M, Llumar, and Kavaca to name a few.

PPF was first developed during the Vietnam war. The Department of Defense in the United States needed something that would protect the rotor blades on their helicopters from being damaged by shrapnel, trees, and various debris.

The folks at 3m were tasked with creating a lightweight protective layer that was incredibly strong that resulted in 3m Paint Protection Film.

The completed product was a urethane film that performed very well and came to be known as helicopter tape.

Fast forward to today, and the evolution of this helicopter tape has been revolutionized into the product that we now call PPF.

XPEL PPF is essentially an invisible urethane film. It protects your auto's paint from unsightly damage and maximizes re-sale value.

XPEL PPF is Self-Healing. This virtually invisible film employs special elastomeric polymers that heal itself over time. This incredible property of the film allows it to self-recover from swirl marks and other fine scratches without needing to do any additional maintenance.

XPEL also carries a 10-year warranty against, yellowing, peeling, staining, hazing, and cracking. This warranty covers both the film and labor.

XPEL's Ultimate Paint Protection Film combines Best-in-Class Durability and Clarity not previously available in the market.

Champs Detailing is your 3M Paint Protection Fim Edmonton Certified XPEL Detailing Studio.

Contact us to arrange for a free assessment and evaluation. Let us help protect your car and keep it looking incredible.

Champs Detailing Edmonton has XPEL Ultimate Plus High Gloss as well as XPEL Stealth Matte Satin Protection Films

XPEL Paint Protection Channel

XPEL PPF 3M Car Protection Film Self Healing Demo

XPEL Paint Protection Film vs 70 MPH

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