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People sometimes confuse washing a vehicle with detailing. While there are some basic similarities, the differences are very significant. Maintaining your Semi Truck and keeping it clean and healthy is critical to maintaining and beautifying this very significant investment.

A wash generally consists of a basic cleaning of the exterior of the vehicle and sometimes the addition of a cheap grade of wax. The interior of the vehicle is usually an after thought.

A professional detailing addresses both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. It involves the use of commercial equipment and professional grade products combined with a high degree of skill and expertise. The result protects, beautifies, creates a healthy interior, and increases the value of the vehicle. The goal of a professional detailer is to bring the vehicle as close as is possible to the original showroom condition. 

Maintaining and enjoying your investment

We all spend a lot of time communting in our vehicles. Any vehicle that has been maintained through regular cleaning and detailing will look and feel much better over time, and will have significantly newer looking seats, carpets, trim, dash components, and exterior paint as compared to vehicles that are not maintained.

Professional grade Semi Truck Detailing Edmonton products protect dash and interior components. Detailing of seating and carpets removes particles, sand, and dirt from the grinding breakdown that they experience from regular day-to-day usage.

Professional wax and Ceramic Coatings block harmful UV and oxidation effects on the exterior paint and trim. And the regular washing and detailing of your vehicle's exterior prevents rust and corrosion that inevitably occurs due to the harmful effects of rain, snow, wind, sand, and oxidation.

It is much healthier

Dirt, dust, and pathogens build up and fester over time, which in turn affects the air quality and health of your vehicle’s interior. The interior is of course compact, and we breathe these particles in whenever we travel.

The build-up of allergens in the venting are directed into our lungs every time the air conditioning or heating is turned on. Keeping the interior of your vehicle clean and healthy through regular Semi Truck Detailing is of primary importance.

A clean vehicle is a direct reflection of you

If you are a driver, you spend an enormous amount of time in your semi truck. Having something that is clean and enjoyable to drive, live, and sleep in speaks for itself. Our semi truck detailing service and truck wash is guaranteed to provide you with the healthy clean comfort you deserve.

Resale Value

When it comes time to selling, a deep semi truck detailing will always increase the value – often to multiple times the cost of the detailing itself. A clean and detailed vehicle shows prospective buyers that the owner has cared for the vehicle and establishes a basis for trustworthiness. This is the key reason why dealers always ensure that their vehicles are detailed professionally and thoroughly. Our Semi Truck Detailing and Truck Wash Edmonton Service will ensure that the price you receive will be top notch.

Semi Truck Detailing and Washing Edmonton


Semi Truck Detailing and Truck Wash Edmonton Services

Semi Truck Detailing Interior Package

Champs Detailing will provide professional Semi Truck Detailing in shop or Mobile-to-Your-Location. We use professional grade products and skill to provide you with fantastic showroom quality results. We also utilize progressive cleaning and disinfection practices that leaves your vehicle free of dirt, dust, and pathogens. We take great pride in our semi truck detailing work to assure your satisfaction.


Truck Wash Edmonton Services include all Exterior Cleaning, Polishing, and Decal Removal.

Interior Detailing

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