The Facts on Ceramic Coating and Ceramic Pro


Ceramic Coating and Ceramic Pro Facts

Can a Car keep Looking New for Years?

If you mention the word “Ceramic”, one of the first objects people tend to think of is a bowl. This is funny because they would be right – and wrong. See, the sheer range of products and applications that can be connected to ceramic is so wide that it could fill up an entire book. Ceramic is used in everything from ornaments, bricks, glazes, missiles, space shuttles, and dental implants, to synthetic bones, turbines, and -drumroll- CARS!

There is admittedly a need for some specificity here. Ceramic, because it is lightweight, thermally insulative, and corrosion resistant, is generally considered to be a safe and reliable material in automotive manufacturing. The average person probably has a car with components made from ceramic, whether that is his cam roller, injector pump, brakes, bearings, spark plugs, or even his car sensors. While the sheer range of uses for ceramic is truly incredible, the amusing thing is that the make-up of car components is not exactly fascinating to the average person.

Instead, car owners are typically very concerned with car exteriors. Everyone wants their car to look like it just rolled off the assembly line. Unfortunately, no one can wish away the constant assault from time and the elements that our cars must endure. Washing and waxing are only good fixes for a limited time and succumb to the elements in a relatively short amount of time. Hence the new craze for modern polymer “skins”, especially ones made from you get one guess… Ceramic.

What is Ceramic Coating?


Off the bat, Ceramic coating is a great way to flip “the bird” at contaminants and the elements and prevent their onslaught against the exterior of your car. Used to minimize effects such as high-temperature degradation, corrosion, erosion, and wear; ceramic coatings are, today, a very popular form of paint treatment/protection for car owners.

The term describes a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to a car’s exterior, that creates lasting chemical bonds with the car surfaces as it cures, forming a non-metallic, water-repellent layer of protection. Ceramic coating is typically composed of a Resin (usually silicon, as the polymeric material that forms the base for coating), a Solvent, and an Additive.

The most commonly used resins are silicon-based polymers such as Silica Sol, silicon dioxide (Si02), and polydimethylsiloxanes (PDMS). Some products and brands also use titanium dioxide (titania, Ti02) as an additional hardening agent.

With ceramic coatings, “Ceramic” actually means “nanoceramics” which are nanoparticles that lack the rigidity or brittleness of macroscale ceramics. So, you don’t have to worry about the layer breaking or cracking. Ceramic coatings are a commercial success and well-established for use on car exteriors both home and abroad.

Sometimes, they are marketed and described as “glass” or “quartz’ coatings. This is because there are so many brands, and in reality, the lingo is to distinguish products that are not materially different from others in the market.

Ongoing R & D ensures that new materials, techniques, and applications are added year after year. For example, ceramic coatings could not last more than a few years little over a decade ago.

It is thanks to the introduction of silicon carbide that they now last well over a decade, easily making this technological wonder the best technical and economic option right now for giving your car perpetual protection that guarantees a permanent or semi-permanent gloss and new feel.

What does Ceramic Coating do?


In a sense, ceramic coatings take the benefits of a poly sealant and amplify them exponentially. Along with their impressive durability, Ceramic coatings offer a relatively comprehensive repertoire of important functions:

  • Surface Protection: Ceramic coatings provide relatively competent protection against acidic contaminants, oxidation, UV damage, light scratches, chemical stains, micro-marring, and etching.

So, you do not constantly have to worry about your car’s paint dulling/fading due to constant exposure to sunlight. Thanks to the chemically resistant surface that ceramic coating provides, you also do not have to worry about naturally occurring acidic contaminants. You may still have to worry about that kid on the block who won’t stop touching your car though, but more on that later.

  • Cleaning is Easier: The fact that ceramic coatings are water-repellent does not mean you won’t be able to clean your car. So, no dice Harry! Your car won’t clean itself. Fortunately, ceramic coatings eliminate the need for professional, hard-labor washing. In fact, the experts recommend good old-fashioned car washing by hand using the two-bucket method. They also say you should do your car washing here on a regular basis.
  • Enhanced look/gloss: Ceramic coating helps your car keep that showroom, candy gloss appearance all the time. A coated car just always looks incredible. It can be such a blast especially when you experiment with custom liveries, or fiery colors before applying the coating. Even dull colors take on new life with a proper coating.
  • Enhanced Durability: Over time, ceramic coatings harden to the strength of quartz. This helps give your car surfaces their own armor against contaminants and humans alike, making your car itself last longer and endure more. You have some protection in the annoying and likely event of something coming in contact with your car.

The coating acts as a sacrificial layer on top of the paint. If a material that would have marred the paint such as bird poop, berries, sap, or even some form of paint hit the surface, they are only hitting the coating and not affecting the paint in any way. Each coating varies but most are rated anywhere from 2-10 years.

What does Ceramic Coating NOT do?

Ceramic coating will make your car exterior resistant to a whole host of things, but it does not become dummy-proof. Contrary to the claims by some brands and detailers, a ceramic coating is not a cure-all product for any and every problem with your car.

It won’t absolutely prevent damage from scratching and rock chips

The resistance of ceramic coating is often misinterpreted in this regard. Ceramic coatings, though they offer protection against naturally occurring damage, do not bullet-proof your car from rock chips and scratches that come from applied force. The coating is very hard and resilient, so it does in fact provide a solid degree of protection. But know that it not a magic coating that eliminates the risk of rock chips, scratches, and scrapes. It also does not eliminate scratching that can occur due to negligence like using hard plastic brushes in winter to clear off ice and snow.

It does not take away the need to wash your car

A Ceramic Coating means that your car can continually look new with relatively lower maintenance, not none at all. Even if you go outside every day in a hermetic suit, you still have to shower every day, don’t you? The situation is very similar with ceramic coating for cars.

Although water, dust, dirt, slide off a coated surface with little-to-no effort, residual contaminants can still stick to the surface. Over time, these can accumulate and begin to layer. With ceramic coating, of course, cleaning the car becomes a lot easier, and you will no longer need to wax the car every few months.

It does not completely remove mineral spots from rain and water

Water spotting can occur when standing water sits on your car surface. As the water dries, the minerals in the water form crusty, flaky spots on your car. If you live in regions with water that has heavy mineral content, water spots are almost inevitable – whether they occur as a result of rain, or after car washing. Water spotting is however greatly minimized by the hydrophobic properties of Ceramic Coating.

It does not replace maintenance

While Ceramic coating does make your car hydrophobic, shiny, and keeps it clean for longer, regular maintenance is still a necessity. You still need to clean and rub down your car regularly with proper solutions. What Ceramic Pro does is makes this process very easy and quick, but it does not replace it.

Which Ceramic Coating is Best?
(Introducing Ceramic Pro)


Traditionally, ceramic coatings are divided into Professional Grade Ceramic Coatings and Consumer Grade Ceramic Coatings. The former provides the best durability and look, requires multi-level application, and is only installed by professionals. The latter is typically a single-level application, easily bought, and often comes in do it yourself packages.

Generally, consumer-grade coatings are much easier to apply but don’t cure as hard, so you really don’t get a deep shine and durability associated with the Professional Grade Coatings.

There are a few different ceramic coatings on the market and there is a wide range in the quality level of the formulations. It can get pretty frustrating for customers when they have to pick amongst a broad range of products that are polarized into Pro-Grade and do it yourself cure-all options. Especially when you do not really have the expertise to know what works for your situation.

This is where Ceramic Pro comes in. Don’t be fooled by all the various names on the market – Ceramic Pro is the primary go-to of the Ceramic Coating industry. With our range of customized formulations, Ceramic Pro provides coating solutions that can offer you timeless protection, with options that cater to your budget. Their flagship product – Ceramic Pro 9H Coating- took the detailing market by storm and still reigns supreme.

Ceramic Pro Coating Features

Ceramic Pro is the most advanced Ceramic Coating in the auto industry today. It is cutting-edge technology based on the science of ceramic molecular compounds (nanoceramics). The formulation has been fine-tuned and perfected from years of research and development to what it is today – The World’s #1 Ceramic Coating for cars.

It has extreme gloss.

The protective shield gives the surface an extremely glossy and sleek beautiful finish that turns heads.

It is scratch and scuff resistant.

The resilience and hardness of the coating will help prevent the paint surface from becoming damaged by scuffs and minor scratches.

Hardness tested above 9H.

It is the strongest and most durable Ceramic Coating on the market.

Prevents UV Damage.

It possesses UV blocking characteristics that prevents aging, fading, and white-out on any surface.

Marks, Dirt, and particles easily wipe off.

The unique properties of Ceramic Pro allow it to defend against marking, dirt, and particles which are hindered from bonding to the surface – and those that do cling are easily wiped off.

Super slick and hydrophobic.

The unique properties of Ceramic Pro also make it extremely hydophobic. The word hydrophobic literally means the “fear of water”. The Ceramic Pro coating repels water and causes it to bead on the surface so that it slides off easily. This propery allow it to organically maintain cleanliness and very easy to maintain.


Oxidation barrier.

The penetrating layers of a Ceramic Pro installation creates a protection layer that seals the surface and prevents both oxidation and corrosion.

Cleaning is a breeze.

Due to the incredible properties, it makes cleaning the exterior of your vehicle an absolute breeze.

What makes Ceramic Pro so special?

Go ahead and watch this short video on Ceramic Pro in action! 

Is Ceramic Pro coating really worth it?

This question, in the eyes of market detailers, is in the worthiness of the product. See, Ceramic Pro is literally the global leader in Nanoceramics and surface protection, and what sets it apart is not just marketing but an incredible repertoire of quality products. Ceramic Pro coatings are incredible feats of chemistry, customized and scientifically engineered to provide outstanding performance.

This is the gold standard and years of research and development have resulted in being industry leaders. Ceramic Pro recognizes that different surfaces/substrates require different formulations. A leather coating, for instance, cannot be expected to bond in the same way with an aluminum or carbon fiber surface. And the same goes for the coating of marine and industrial equipment. Ceramic Pro has developed specialized solution for all industries.

The bottom line is that Ceramic Pro is formulated for lasting protection and shine – providing your auto with a clear nanoceramic coating that keeps it beautiful and protected into the future. And this results in an extremely durable shield that provides immediate and lasting value to the consumer.


How is Ceramic Pro applied?


Ceramic Pro employs a multi-layer process in its application, with several hours of curing time in between each layer. The installation consists of these applied coatings.

  • Nano Primer as the initial foundation layer
  • Ceramic Pro 9H layer application(s) depending on the Ceramic Pro package
  • Top Coat layer is then added to give a high gloss finish.

The Nano Primer is added to act as a base prior to applying coating. It prepares the surface for coating and increases coating bonding strength. The primer is usually a water-based, non-abrasive, Silicon-free, and wax-free solution.

9H application begins as soon as the primer cures. The Ceramic Pro 9H coating is a durable protective polymer that contains silica dioxide, titanium dioxide, and patented solvents. The 9H solution starts to stay as soon as it is applied until it achieves at least 65% of the consistency of hard glass. As soon as it is fully cured, it forms a lasting bond with the surface, removable only by abrasion.

Ceramic Pro 9H is best applied in layers, increasing the thickness of the coating by adding layer-upon-layer until the desired result. This makes it exceed the regular 3H hardness of automotive parts. Fortunately, Ceramic Pro 9H is very flexible, so it will not break.

The finishing layer of Topcoat is applied after 9H layering, to allow the surface to stay cleaner since dirt and dust do not easily stick to it. The surfaces become super repellent of water, and water simply beads up on the surface and rolls off. Top Coat also enhances gloss depth on all painted surfaces to achieve a wet look.

It is vital that each previous layer is fully cured before applying the next. This is to ensure that the microscopic pores in the paint or vinyl surface are blocked. The covalent bonds formed by the 9H formulation is then able to pour in microscopic silica dioxide and titanium dioxide, creating a tough and durable protective skin.


Ceramic Pro FAQs

Does Ceramic Pro Coating remove scratches?

That Ceramic Pro acts as a magic remover seems to be a highly perpetuated myth in the Ceramic coating industry. There are way too many detailers and brands that boldly overhype the scratch resistance of Ceramic Coatings, even going as far as to call them scratch-proof or resistant to rock chips which is completely false.

In reality, the answer to the above question is NO. Ceramic Pro is not a solution to remove scratches. It does not fill them in or make them disappear. The only effective way to remove scratches and swirl marks is Paint Correction. No other coatings, waxes, or solutions will be effective without first doing paint correction and associated power polishing.

Sometimes, however, it depends on the condition of the car’s paint and whether the scratches are deep or fine. When you apply a ceramic coating, what you get — in addition to a protective layer — is an amplification of the paint underneath. So, scratches and swirl marks will stand out, not be removed.

Removing the scratches and improving the condition of the paint is only possible through paint correction. Therefore, it is essential to have a professional detailer who has the experience and expertise in paint correction polishing. This detailing service needs to be performed on vehicles with ANY imperfections prior to getting ceramic coated.

Will Ceramic Pro Coating PREVENT scratches?

No, not exactly. While it does add some degree of protection, Ceramic Pro is not a replacement for Paint Protection Film. Paint Protection Film is the only thing that completely prevents and guides against exterior damage. Ceramic Pro, on the other hand, only provides protection against very minute impacts. We never recommend it to clients as a solution to protect their cars from rock chips and scuffs.

What surfaces can be protected with Ceramic Pro Coating?

Ceramic Pro products can be applied as a protective coating on exterior and interior surfaces whether hard or soft. It can be used to protect your car’s paint from UV exposure, provide an ultra-strong coating for your windshields, vinyl, and PPF, or your interior seats and other surfaces. Ceramic Pro can be used on metal, plastic, glass, stone, leather, and rubber surfaces. Different Ceramic Pro formulations have been developed to provide protection and beauty to a vast array of surfaces.


Can wax be applied over Ceramic Pro?

No. Wax is a much softer protectant than Ceramic is. Wax applied over Ceramic Coating will soon enough break down and start to attract dirt, dust, and particles – causing them to adhere to the surface which now has wax particulates on top of the ceramic.

So it is never a great idea to apply a wax coating over a ceramic coating. You can, but you most definitely should not. It is easy to see why it would be a good idea, to be honest. After all, it is often useful to find something to act as another sacrificial layer on top of that coating – but in the case of Ceramic, it has its own unique properties and should not be covered up with anything.

The Facts on Ceramic Coating and Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro by Certified Installers in Edmonton


The process of installing ceramic nanocoating to the surface of automobiles has revolutionized the way vehicle exteriors are protected. It is also an auto detailing service that must be performed by a trained professional with experience and expertise.

It certainly pays to deal with a trained and Certified Ceramic Pro coating installer – one that will provide the assurance that your car will be taken care of by an expert.

Come to Champ’s Detailing for Ceramic Coating in Edmonton for a protective and beautifying Ceramic Pro coating that will transform your ride and make heads turn.

So, I will track back to the question I asked at the beginning of this article – Can a Car keep looking new for years? Well, with Ceramic Pro the simple answer is a resounding YES!

We guarantee stellar results to ensure that your auto comes out looking incredible now and long into the future.

You can reach out to us through the form on this page or by calling 780-803-7173

 – Champs Detailing Edmonton

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