You’re about to have your car looking brand new. That’s because as promised, we will provide the highest standard of service in the auto-detailing industry.

Since you’ve decided to avail our Gold Auto Detailing package, it shows that you only want the best for your car.

While our Gold Auto Detailing package will get your car back that flashy, fresh-out-of-the-showroom look, there’s a lot more you can do to get your car into the best shape possible.

Our broad range of services meet every need you might have to get your car in tip top shape. Since you’ve already decided to place confidence in us, we would like to show you our gratitude by offering you our premium add-on packages.


  • Ozone Treatment (kills residual odors, bacteria, & viruses) – $99
  • Undercarriage Wash & Clean – $99
  • Engine Detailing Bay Shampoo and Shine – $99
  • Polish on Synthetic Sealant Wax – $49
  • SWISSVAX Treatment – $99
  • (World’s #1 Rated wax as used by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti)
  • Excessive Animal Hair Removal – $99
  • Vomit Removal – $99
  • Headliner Steam Cleaning and Shampoo – $99
  • All Fabric Surfaces Protectant – $59
  • Salt Stain Removal – Starting at $49
  • Exterior Vinyl Restoration & Shine Treatment – $59
  • Wheel Acid Rim Cleaning – $49