What is a Professional Car Detailing


What is a Professional Car Detailing and what does detailing Cost?

Occasionally a customer will call and ask a question like … “What is the difference between your car detailing and another detailing that I saw advertised in the free online ads“?

So, I thought I would provide an overview of what exactly a Professional Car Detailing is – and clear up any confusion.

There are a lot of people who dabble in cleaning cars and call what they do “detailing”. The reality is that they provide basic discount car cleaning – and you see them come and go every year

And on top of these “detailers”, there are even some businesses that provide this kind of service – which is where kids hop into your car with wash cloths and a vacuum with little experience or tools to do anything more than a rudimentary cleaning.

The difference between this type of detailing and a professional detailing is equivalent to a meal made with fresh ingredients by a chef vs fast food.

The fact is that there is a huge difference, and the old saying that you get what you pay for rings very true. Although they call it detailing, it is just cleaning that most people could do on their own.

Professional Car Detailing can be explained by these 6 criteria.

1) The equipment and tools needed to perform the work.
2) The products needed to support the work being done.
3) The expertise, skill, and experience needed to do the work properly.

4) The additional auto detailing services that are available.

5) The Google customer reviews on previous projects.

6) The final completed result.

1) Equipment and Tools Needed to Perform Professional Car Detailing


This first key area to be aware of is the equipment and tools needed to do the work. A professional detailer utilizes professional grade steam extractor equipment, professional grade vacuums, orbital polishers, ozone generators, detailing lights, detailing brushes, specialized polishing pads, detailing air blowers, specialized pressure washers, microfiber towels, and more.


There are no shortcuts when it comes to professionally detailing a vehicle. And to perform a proper detailing requires a multitude of specialized equipment and detailing industry-specific tools. 

2) Products Needed for a Professsional Car Detailing

The second key area of concern is the products used to support the work that a professional detailer does. Not only is detailing concerned with cleaning the dirt, grime, and oils from a vehicle – one also needs to ensure that the products are safe, effective, and provide protection and enhanced longevity to the materials within the car. This includes everything from modern dashboard materials to carpeting, leather, fabrics, and glass. And on the exterior, it includes the vehicles paint, clear coat, trim, wheels, tires, and engine components.


Professional detailing products are engineered and scientifically tested to provide the safety and performance required to maintain and enhance the quality and finish on the original manufactured materials. Unfortunately, there are far too many inferior auto products and chemicals that are detrimental to the care of the vehicle.

3) Expertise, Skill, and Experience Needed by a Professional Car Detailer

And the third component is the expertise, skill, and experience that goes into professional detailing. The detailer must make use of the above-mentioned equipment, tools, and products – and then combine these elements with experience and skill to create detailing perfection. A very keen eye is needed as well as being meticulous and thorough. A professional detailer will also be able to assess your vehicle and provide you with a complete analysis of what it needs and what it will receive.


Cars are often the second biggest investment that people have next to their homes. So, ensuring that this investment is being taken care of by a trained professional with expertise is essential.

4) The additional auto detailing services that are available


On top of auto detailing, a professional detailer will have the expertise to provide additional advanced detailing services to protect and beautify your ride. This is another key component that differentiates a professional detailing business from an amateur detailer.

Professional detailing services include things like Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating, and Paint Protection Film. Two of these services, ceramic coating and paint protection film, are done to provide protection to the vehicles paint.

Paint Correction is the service that is most closely associated with a complete detailing. The process of paint correction is done to remove swirl marks, blemishes, and scratches from the exterior of the vehicle to bring it back to its original condition. This results in gloss paint finishes that glow and reflect like a mirror – and flat satin finishes that possess perfect uniform glow and are free of imperfections.


Paint correction is an advanced auto detailing service that should only be done by skilled and trained professionals. Therefore, a detailing business that also specializes in paint correction and other advanced detailing services is integral to professional detailing.

5) The Google Customer reviews on previous car detailing projects

A key to knowing what you will get from a professional detailing will come from the reviews that were left by past customers. These days, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. Businesses that provide consistent quality in their work will have reviews that reflect that.

The proof is in the pudding as they say. Having a multitude of Google reviews and positive feedback from previous customers, is a strong sign of what you can expect when looking to get a professional detailing.

6) The completed car detailing result

The final key to a professional detailing is of course the actual completed result.

Detailing is not just cleaning. It is the removal of dirt, dust, and pathogens combined with the proper application of professional grade detailing products. This combination provides beautiful clean shine and lasting protection to the materials of your vehicle. The goal is to bring it back to its original showroom condition.

A professional detailing business should also have postings of their previous projects on their social media channels as well as their website and Google business page. It is important to see actual pictures of the detailing businesses completed results – and not just pics taken from pic sharing sites.


Ultimately, the result of a professional detailing is a beautiful auto that looks incredible, smells clean, and is free of all dirt, dust, and pathogens. And due to the detailers use of professional products, it will also be protected. This not only maintains the vehicles value but provides you with a healthy enjoyable ride that you can really enjoy.

Professional Car Detailing Cost

At Champs Detailing, we take great pride in ensuring that your vehicle is taken care of at the highest possible level. We continually strive to remain on the cutting edge to provide the best possible Car Detailing services anywhere.

Prices for a Professional Detailing starts as low as $169 for a deep steam interior detailing, and can go up to $449 for customers who are looking to get a quintessential detailing transformation package that includes complete interior and exterior with add-ons.

To book an appointment for your Professional Car Detailing, Call us or reach us using the form on this page.

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